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Hello Echo Parents, 


Pastor Brian here! God has been so good to us this past summer. Every single Echo summer hangout we had was well attended, and better yet the Gospel was taught. Though attendance does not equal success it does help us realize that students are craving for a purpose, acceptance, and love, all of which is founded in Jesus through His Gospel. This summer the emphasis was 3 words and a mission. Our mission is for students to know their Worth, Story and Voice, because Jesus and His gospel give that to us.  We do this is by Echoing Jesus, students will continue to always hear this at Echo. 


We are just a week away from entering a new season of Echo student ministries! There will be some changes this season of Echo. Below are the 7 changes/updates. 1)Day and Time 2)Structure  3)Mask Policy  4)Tracking Attendance 5)Doors Closed 6) A Place for students during the week 7 )We renovated! 



When: Wednesday at 6-7:30pm

Where: Jericho Road Church


Reason for change

We simply were not accomplishing our mission as a whole church. That is to reach the Steele neighborhood for Jesus through His Gospel. This neighborhood consists of many, many students from Muskegon Middle School through High School. Our time slot on Sundays during and after service were not allowing us to reach the neighborhood students. Moving the day and time to Wednesdays @ 6pm allow for neighborhood students to come to Echo. This will also allow our students now to put their faith into practice and meet other students from different upbringings! 



We will have smaller groups, or as we call it here at Echo E-groups, during this new time.  The students will have a specific E-group leader they can count on for more personalized teaching and connections. 



We will not be enforcing mask wearing during these nights, but recommending it. As pastors/leaders we will be sensitive to who is wearing and not wearing a mask during Echo throughout the year. We will have hand sanitizer everywhere. We will not be providing snacks at this time.



We will be keeping track of every student that comes into Echo due to Covid-19. If any student gets sick or was in contact with our group we will be able to inform families who were in attendance.  This will also allow us to help keep an updated roster and be able to stay in touch with students during the week! 



We will lock the doors at 6:30pm every Echo night for the safety of all students and leaders in the building. 



Virtual Students, Hybrid, Students, any echo student. We know times are a little weird for students and for you as parents who have to help with virtually learning. We as  Jroad want to offer up the building during the week for your students to come a do Virtual school here! We are typically here Mon-Thurs from 830am-4pm. So, parents if your student (5th-12th) needs a change of scenery feel free to bring them over to the building. 



The Echo room has been renovated thanks to some of our wonderful Echo leaders the Schohl’s and Kolton! Take a look when you get the chance! 

Please if you have any question don't hesitate to ask!

Contact me here

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