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Jroad Pre-teen (4th-6th)
Every Sunday After Intermission

If you have a student or know a student who is in 4th-6th grade get them there on Sunday! Pre-teen students will be meeting during the message time of the service. Send your pre-teen down to the the Jroadstudent Room (also known as the echo room) during the intermission and they will learn about Jesus! 

Why Jroad Pre-teens?
Jackie (Jroad Kids Director) and I (Brian) have been seeing a need for our Jroad Pre-teen (4th-6th) group here at Jroad. The moment they hit 5th/6th grade we are asking them to sit in big church on Sundays, which can be a very tough transition for a 5th-6th grader.

Here are few things we are noticing in this age group.
1. This age group is too old for Jroad kids and too young for Jroad Students (7th-12th).
2. They are craving for something they can call there own thing.
3. Gathering as church and following Jesus should be fun! 

A solution we are trying out is doing Jroad Pre-teen Preview day for upcoming 4th-6th Grade. Our second trial run at this will be Sunday Aug 8th during the sermon (10:15am-11am). The Pre-teen group will not be required to check-in pre-service. 

For any questions please feel free to contact Pastor Brian

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